Another War Veteran Detained After Protests

José Fernandes de Barros, 48, a member of the former Popular Armed Forces for the Liberation of Angola (FAPLA) Sergeants’ and Soldiers’ Claims Committee, was detained on the morning of June 25 by the Military Police. According to Barros, who has been able to speak to Maka Angola, the members of his committee were called to the Military Police Unity in Grafanil, Viana, to receive a single payment of 55,000 kwanzas (US $550) each. “We had the papers for us to receive the 55,000 kwanzas. When I handed mine over, they told me that I had already been paid. One of the officers went away to study my case, but it turned out to be a trick,” Barros said. “The officer told me ‘we have been looking for you for a long time because you organised the demonstration’ and they took me away to be interrogated,” he said. Barros explained […]

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