MakaLeaks is a whistleblowing platform that allows you to submit information and communicate with the site owner (Maka Angola) anonymously.

MakaLeaks runs on Globaleaks, the first open-source whistleblowing software that provides a secure and easy-to-run service, which allows anyone to run a anonymous and censorship-resistant whistleblowing project. Globaleaks is sponsored by the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights.

You can either access MakaLeaks via a normal browser (like Firefox, Explorer or Safari), or you can access it as a hidden service via The Tor Browser.

  • Normal browser –
  • Tor browser  – launch the Tor Browser and navigate to http://mw63boaecfdtp4rd.onion

To download and install the Tor Browser, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the Tor Browser
  2. Execute the file you downloaded to extract the Tor Browser into a folder of your computer (or USB memory).
  3. Open the folder and click on “Start Tor Browser”.

What is the .ONION domain?

.ONION domains are secure addresses which can can only be accessed through the Tor Browser. This step is necessary so that we can be sure that any potential sources will be using the Internet anonymously while submitting documents. All .ONION websites have a randomly generated address. For more information, please read the Wikipedia page about .ONION.