The Attorney General’s Office and Business Blackmailing

I am writing this letter from a hospital bed as a citizen who has been persecuted for years by the Attorney General’s Office which you lead. In 2013, some women who had had children with my father Valentim Amões — the late businessman and member of the [ruling] MPLA Central Committee – as well as one of my paternal uncles, made public statements against me, and filed several lawsuits against me as the firstborn and court-appointed administrator of the estate in a dispute over the inheritance my father had left. The lawsuits against me served as an excuse for the Attorney General’s Office, without any valid reasons, to hastily  make me formerly a  suspect, and to subject me to the following restrictions: (i.) [required to declare identity ] and residence; (ii) denied freedom  to change address (without authorization) or to leave Luanda or the country; (iii) Required to report to […]

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