Mavungo: Candidate for 12 Years a Prisoner

On August 28, prosecutor António Nito, asked the court in the Angolan province of Cabinda to convict the human rights activist José Marcos Mavungo to 12 years of imprisonment on the charge of inciting rebellion – the maximum penalty allowed by law for this crime. The sentencing is scheduled for September 16. Mavungo was arrested without a warrant on March 14 when he was leaving morning mass. The protest against bad governance and human rights violations in Cabinda he had organized was banned by the government and did not take place. During the three days of hearings, no evidence was presented that Mavungo committed any crime. The trial revealed in more detail how the military intelligence fabricated his case and provided the central script for the proceedings. An intelligence file, referred to in Mavungo’s indictment, claims that intelligence officials found explosives and fliers in the streets on the eve of […]

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