Newborn Dies of Neglect at Luanda Hospital

Groaning with the pains of labor, Florinda Domingos writhed on the ground in the parking lot at the Augusto N’gangula Maternity and Pediatric Hospital in Luanda on the night of September 9. Bystanders called for the medical team to come and attend to the woman in labor, who had been ordered out of the hospital waiting room by guards acting on the orders of the hospital staff. Her family members and other patients’ relatives also called frantically on the hospital personnel, who were ignoring calls for help. Ms. Domingos’s sister-in-law, Flora Rosita, told Maka Angola that Florinda “was thrown out of the waiting room by the guards because the doctors said she was only permitted to enter the waiting room at midnight.” Cândida Nimila, another sister-in-law, explained that the hospital staff had ordered that Ms. Domingos receive attention only at midnight. Seven months pregnant, she had gone into labor prematurely. […]

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